Enhanced oil recovery

Technology of increasing oil reservoirs depletion with application of silica gel based compositions (SSG-VUKSZHS technology)
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Technology of controlled carbonate reservoir flooding through combined effects of precipitation and gel-forming compositions (GEOS-K technology)
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EOR technique based on injection of microgel polymer systems with surfactants (MGS-KPS technology)
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EOR technique based on injection of biopolymer compositions (RBK-Xanthan technology)
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Technology of controlled flooding of high permeability reservoirs with application of a composite system based on cellulose and polymer complex (CPC technology)
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Application of high-strength crosslinked polymer compositions to enhance oil recovery from heterogeneous reservoirs (VPSK technology)
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Polymer flooding of productive formations using polyacrylamide solution slugs
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Application of aqueous dispersions of oil-soluble nonionic surfactants to enhance oil recovery from flooded reservoirs
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Thermal heavy oil production technology combining steam treatment and injection of hydrocarbon solvents
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Application of high-strength polymer systems to restrict water inflow into production wells (VPSD technology)
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Application of composite systems based on guar gum to enhance oil recovery from flooded heterogeneous reservoirs (GUAR technology)
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Managing the conformance of steam-assisted gravity drive reservoirs through control of produced water salinity
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EOR technique based on application of modified water-repellent emulsion composition (GES-M technology)
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Technology of injecting low-concentration polymer compositions under conditions of low well injectivity (NKPS technology)
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Technology of restricting water inflow into production wells using synthetic resin based compositions (KFS Technology)
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Technology of increasing waterflood oil recovery by injection of polymer-clay and hydrocarbon oil-displacing system (PG-UVS technology)
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