Well workover

Expandable seal casing patch for 146-mm production casing
jpg, 123.31 Кб
Breakout tool for casing
jpg, 145.45 Кб
Retrievable packer-plug for workover operations
jpg, 162.62 Кб
Tehnology for tubing pressure testing (including interval testing) in production and injection wells
jpg, 126.44 Кб
Technology for selective access to multilateral well offshoots using coiled-tubing unit
jpg, 189.76 Кб
Drillable packers
jpg, 218.03 Кб
Remedial and water shutoff jobs using silicate-based compositions
jpg, 180.55 Кб
Sealing of casing leak and restoration of cement sheath integrity with acetone-formaldehyde resin
jpg, 165.2 Кб
Remedial cementing using light-weight cement
jpg, 128.52 Кб
Selective shutoff of bottom water in cavernous Fractured reservoirs
jpg, 154.72 Кб
Water shutoff treatment using vinyl polymers
jpg, 137.85 Кб
Technology for restoring production casing intergrity In conditions of high fluid loss in upper horizons
jpg, 130.03 Кб
Non-damaging well killing technology
jpg, 147.54 Кб
Acid compositions and matrix acidizing technologies
jpg, 135.71 Кб
Carbonate reservoir stimulation combined with prior chemical water shutoff
jpg, 175.99 Кб
Jet acidizing of horizontal wellbores
jpg, 167.84 Кб